Intro to Hockey Guide (South Kent Minor Hockey)

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SKMHA Intro to Hockey Guide


Welcome to the Lightning!

Here you will find some helpful tips for the first time player and parents.

Once you have registered your player with SKMHA, you can follow our association on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to receive updates about our season.  As well, if you go to the bottom left of the main screen on our website, you will see a "Manage Subscriptions" area where you can sign up for email and text alerts.  Our first ice times will be sometime in September, so be sure to check the website for updates.

Your player will require the proper equipment in order to safely participate.  Here is a link to the webpage that explains precisely the equipment your player is required to be wearing while on the ice.

U5/U7 Intro to Hockey or U7 Groups 

Please register your child for only 1 of the following groups.  Read below to determine which group best suits your child. Full equipment will be required to be worn in all groups.

If your player is registered in the U5/U7 Intro to Hockey group, you will have 1 ice time per week that will run until December.  This group is intended for those that are just starting and want to try out the sport without a full commitment to the year and require assistance with learning the basics of skating.  If at anytime you wish to enroll your child for the U7 (2 times per week) please reach out the registrar as additional fees will apply.  A second session will begin in January.  Parent help on the ice would be greatly appreciated.  If you are able to skate and are willing to help pick kids up off the ice, please reach out to the coach in charge.

If your player is registered in U7, you will see groups divided by names of IP1, IP2, IP3.  These groups will have 2 ice times per week.  Coaches will evaluate the players at the beginning of the season and place them in one of the 3 groups based upon experience and ability.  The IP1 group is usually composed of our youngest players who are just learning the basics of skating.  In IP2 you will see players who have already played at least a season or might be older and more capable of skating.  The IP3 group is mostly players in their third year of hockey. Parent help is greatly appreciated, if you are able to help in some capacity, please reach out to the coach in charge.


Any questions or concerns you may have about getting started in hockey can be sent to any of our board members.  They will be happy to help guide you.  There is a contact list on our website under the “About Us” Tab.