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Sep 13, 2023 | Chris Knight | 538 views
Information regarding U9 MD and the South Kent U9 Development Program
South Kent will be holding tryouts for a U9 MD (Rep/Travel) team starting Friday September 15th.  These tryouts will last just over one week.  A Tier 1 U9 MD Team will be selected at the end of this tryout process, and it will play in the Shamrock Tier 1 U9 League.  We will then form a Tier 2 U9 MD team with the next set of available players who attend the MD tryouts.  This Tier 2 team will play in the Shamrock Tier 2 U9 League. Head coach Jason Ramboer has independent evaluators coming to watch the tryout skates and these evaluators will be asked to rank players based on numerous criteria.

After this U9 MD tryout period, the remainder of U8/U9 players will play in our Hockey Night in South Kent (HNISK) Saturday Night League where we will make 4 teams.   Opportunities will exist for players to AP (affiliate player) from HNISK to the Tier 2 team and from the Tier 2 team to the Tier 1 U9 team.

To summarize, we will have:

1 Tier 1 U9 MD Team

1 Tier 2 U9 MD Team

4 HNISK Teams

All 6 of the above listed teams will follow Hockey Canada’s U9 Pathway and play 1/2 ice games until the January 15th, 2024 transition to full ice date.  After January 15th, all 6 teams will participate in full ice games. All 6 teams will be able to attend jamborees and tournaments.

The Board feels that this year’s version of the U9 Development Model builds on the overwhelming success of HNISK last year.  Players are able to develop at an appropriate pace and in a positive local environment where they will have success and most importantly – fun!

If you have questions, please contact our U7 and U9 Convenor – Matt Hall.

Looking forward to a great season,

Chris K.